Cultivate the AMA culture with a content creation campaign. [Photo by Shelagh Murphy on Unsplash]

Turbocharge Auric Content Creation

There is much yet to be published about the Auric Network. This proposal is a request for an allocation of Auric DAO Funds specifically for content creation.

Let’s face it… The fair distribution aspirations of the Auric Network (“Auric”) would have been optimized if more people not only knew about it, but also had a fundamental grasp of the multifaceted system.

Moreover, the information asymmetries caused by the initial dearth of public information only put downward pressure on the price of AUSCM. Certainly, some farmers will dump the coin no matter what, but it is important that ignorance not be the reason for a farmer selling AUSCM prematurely.


After yesterday’s AMA it is clear that potential farmers failed to understand the mechanics of AUSCM and how price stability is achieved. In spite of the wealth of information uploaded to Auric’s various communications channels (including the website, github, etc.), there is a lingering perception that much more needs to be understood about the project.

Until recently, there was little information about the gold mine in Korea and the option to purchase gold at a discount. Consequently, the nexus between the BMV mine, the AUSCM price, and its theoretical price floor is neither easily grasped nor rigorously debated.

Discussion and education matters. In fact, it is crucial to cultivating a vibrant AUSCM community vested in the long term success of this nascent project.

Proposed Solution

In order to get the word out and boost knowledge levels about every aspect of this project, the DAO must act immediately. The following three initiatives will cut through much of what obfuscation remains:

  1. Allocate a portion of the discretionary Auric DAO Fund to underwrite the efforts of experienced blog writers that can get all the various and scattered details of the project explained in simple terms.
  2. Use the funds in the Developer Fund to sponsor a video competition that would allow entrants to claim a bounty for producing high quality, understandable content about AUSCM in 2 minutes or less.
  3. Allocate a portion of the discretionary Auric DAO Fund to sponsor Ryan Sean Adams and the folks at Bankless to raise awareness of the project and perhaps conduct an interview that will become an AUSCM YouTube reference video.

These activities should not only dispel the dark clouds hanging over the project, but also provide the foundation for wanting economic/financial discussion of the elastic supply token in Discord.

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