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An update on the plans for the deployment of BIOPset smart contracts.
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We received the code rework from Omniscia a few days ago. With the new code in hand, we are poised to launch BIOPset in the not too distant future.

In this article, we want…

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Over the last six and a half years, IPFS has come a long way. Successful implementations are increasingly encountered. That declared, is Swarm technology a more suitable solution for distributed web application (“dApp”) developers tasked with preserving medical records?

This article builds a case for using Ethereum’s brand new Swarm…

Reconstruction. Photo by Barthelemy de Mazenod on Unsplash

Reasons for outsourcing the rewriting of BIOPset V4 smart contracts.
Written: July 21st, 2021

Yesterday we decided to retain Omniscia to rework BIOPset V4 smart contracts. Given Omniscia’s good reputation and our commitment to prioritizing the safety of user funds, we felt that this course of action was the only…

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Where BIOPset development stands and what to expect.
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The binary options settlement protocol (“BIOPset”) is about to deploy its fourth release. This article provides a detailed explanation of the development timeline as of May 11th, 2021.

Development of the protocol is scheduled to continue into 2022…

Auditing BIOPset Smart Contracts. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

An update on Omniscia’s audit of BIOPset smart contracts.
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Omniscia has officially been commissioned to audit BIOPset’s smart contracts. This article provides a detailed update. It explains what’s happened and resets expectations on the launch of the binary options settlement protocol on the Ethereum mainnet.


BIOP 최초 상장
BIOP 최초 상장

유니스왑에 상장 후 ‘tokenomics’(굳이 해석하면 ‘토큰경제’)의 종합적인 리뷰.
ShalaquianaMunair가 쓴 기사.

오늘 BIOP는 Uniswap에 상장 되었습니다.이러한 최초 분산화 된 거래소 상장은 텔레그램에서 새롭고 매우 흥미로운 커뮤니티를 빠르게 확장시키는 결과를 낳게 되었습니다.

이 기 …

BIOP lists on Uniswap
BIOP lists on Uniswap.

A comprehensive review of tokenomics after listing on Uniswap.
By and .

Today BIOP was listed on Uniswap. This initial decentralized exchange listing resulted in a new and very curious community on Telegram expanding rapidly.

This article attempts to clear up the confusion on the circulating supply, the initial…

Discord의 BIOPset 커뮤니티에 대한 첫번째 추천 프로그램의 세부 정보입니다.
By Dereek69, Munair and Shalaquiana. (공동작성자)

BIOPset에서 우리의 커뮤니티를 사랑합니다! 규모는 작지만 엄청나게 집중력있고 추진력이 있는 집단입니다. 더 나은 그룹의 사람들이 우리의 출 …

The BIOP Token Launch: A foray into tiered initial bonding curve offerings!

By Dereek69, Shalaquiana and Munair

A tiered initial bonding curve offering (“Tiered IBCO”) is an innovation in distributing tokens to the public via smart contracts. Each tier is configurable and allows the publisher the ability to respond to various token demand scenarios without having to mathematically define a curve.


The infinite possibilities of degen binary options. Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

The peer-to-pool binary options settlement protocol (“BIOPSET”) is going full degen. Option expiration will no longer be determinate in the traditional dimensions of time (like minutes and seconds) but rather the numerical order of change derived from an oracle.

If this sounds like fun to you, let’s dig into this…


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